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Our process at The Tech Doctor always starts with listening to our customers. It’s our goal to understand and provide solutions to your IT setup and at-home WiFi network needs. We have many services that are guaranteed to leave you knowledgeable, confident, and connected!

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WiFi Mesh Networks

Computer Health Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye out for problems on your computer before they become a real pain.
Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

Our team will identify and remove harmful viruses before they try to hurt your machine.
Software Patch Management

Software Patch Management

We’ll keep your computer safe from malware with operating system and software updates.
Secure Data Backup

Secure Data Backup

Never again lose valuable information on your computer with our data backup service.

TechButler Managed Residential Services

Tech Butler

Keep your technology running at peak performance by signing up for a TechButler support plan.

This option will not only give you discounted Mac and PC repairs, but you will also get continued access to our local, neighborhood support team who will provide WiFi assistance and preventative maintenance to stop problems before they occur.

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