Computer Health Monitoring

Keep Your Data & Memories Safe

At The Tech Doctor, our Computer Health Monitoring service involves installing a small program on your computer that gathers information related to certain hardware (such as the hard drive and processor). This program will report any failures or predicted failures in that hardware and monitor common software programs (such as Firefox and Google Chrome) to make sure that those programs are up to date.

Hard drive failures are typically the most common element in consumer devices and we are notified via email and text message within 5 minutes of an error being detected. When we receive a notification that warrants a call to our customer, we will notify you directly and explain the situation. Knowing ahead of time that a hard drive is failing can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in data recovery and ensure that your years of saved memories aren’t lost forever.

Nobody's Crashing Your Hard Drive Party

With our computer health specialists on the job, worrying about the safety of your important data is a thing of the past. Contact our team for 24-7 monitoring.

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