Secure Data Backup

Not Today Hackers

It’s unfortunate, but hacking has become so prevalent over the past few years that nearly everyone connected to the internet has been impacted. How many times have you received a message from a friend or coworker that seems legitimate but a little bit off, only to find out that they’ve been hacked and you could be next! No one wants to admit it but hackers and their programs have gotten SMART! It can be so hard to keep yourself safe these days.

Enter Secure Data Backup from The Tech Doctor. Our highly advanced encryption process takes your data, such as an email or text message, and scrambles it into an unreadable mess during transmission to prevent any attackers from intercepting confidential data. Encryption also takes place while your data is stored so that if the company that stores the data ever is compromised or hacked, your data is safe and cannot be used. 

Never have your information stolen again! 

Look at You With Your Own Virtual Bodyguard

As the Kevin Kostner to your Whitney Houston, we’ll protect your device from any online intruder and yes, we will always love you.

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