Smart Home Setup

Home Automation at Your Fingertips

These days, it’s almost impossible to live in a world that doesn’t involve some type of smart home technology. According to The Verge, Amazon has sold 100 MILLION Alexa devices. That’s just ONE voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant on the market! Each of these devices acts as a hub for countless smart home devices meant to make our lives safer and bring us the ultimate comfort.

If you’ve been itching to control your devices and appliances from anywhere in the world or seriously step up the home security you have in place, our professionals at The Tech Doctor have the expertise to automate it all! Not only will we get you set up, we will educate you on the functionality of each device so you have 100% confidence in the system you have in place.

Travel With Ease

There’s no longer a reason to worry whether you remembered to shut the garage door or turn off the coffee pot before leaving for your trip. Home automation allows you to handle it all straight from your phone.

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