Software Patch Management

We’re Keeping You in the Software Loop

Software WHAT management?! We’re just showing off our ultra cool IT terminology. Software Patch Management is just a fancy way of saying that we’ll handle the monotonous work of managing updates to your device software. How many times have you been notified that a program on your device is ready to be updated only to forget or put it off for a later date? Did you know that the more time a program goes without being updated the more vulnerable it becomes to potential problems? If updates are not applied pretty quickly, you open your system up to potential security risks.

Now we know our client’s are perfectly capable of going one by one through each program and performing their needed updates, but who has time for that anymore? We offer Software Patch Management as a service so you don’t have to worry about it. We’re equipped to patch or update the most common software to the most complex. Basically, if the software is installed on your computer when we get a hold of it our program will take over updates for it immediately.  You’re welcome.

How Fancy Do You Feel Having an Assistant?

Alright, we might not be able to run your errands or wash your car, but you can go ahead and check software patch management off your list with The Tech Doctor.

Accept the Help!