WiFi Mesh Networks

Make Every Inch of Your Property a “Hot” Spot

How many times have you been searching on your phone, trying to carry on a FaceTime call, or in the middle of streaming a movie when the connection is slow, broken, or continues to buffer? It’s infuriating! This is most likely because you’ve hit a dreaded dead zone. What many providers don’t tell you is that basic routers only travel so far. If you own a home that has more square footage than say a small apartment, you may need to setup a WiFi mesh network.

Having The Tech Doctor install a WiFi mesh network will ensure that you’re consistently getting the most out of the internet speed you are paying for. Our team will set up a gateway node near your router as well as additional repeater nodes throughout your house, workshop, around the pool, or anywhere else service is needed. These nodes will then work off of each other to wirelessly transmit data, forming a mesh and leaving you with seamless connectivity and less stress!

Stay Connected Everywhere

Don’t waste another minute waiting on your WiFi connection. Call The Tech Doctor to get the most out of the service you’re paying for.

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