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May 2023 Tech Update

There is a lot to think about when planning for your business's next IT project. Here are 3 things to plan for and evaluate before you decide on any upgrades or changes.

April 2023 Tech Update

Avoid scammers and phishing attempts by ALWAYS using MFA for your business accounts. This provides two barriers between an outsider and your information!

MArCH 2023 Tech Update

Does your IT support sound like a Peanuts special? Wah wah wah...In this video you will find terms in the three most important areas of your IT support to clarify some of the language we use.

February 2023 Tech Update

Email is the most vulnerable part of your IT set up! 91% of cyber attacks start with an email. Here are 3 things you can do to protect your business from cyber attacks.

January 2023 Tech Update

Cloud services are a great option for your business's data. Here are some things you should look into to be sure your data is secure in the cloud. Need some customized options? Get in touch!

December 2022 Tech Update

Grow your business's productivity, profit, and staff engagement with these incredible emerging technologies. Decrease repetitive tasks, increase mobile connectivity, and dive into cloud computing. If you want to be ready for the future of your business, get in touch!

November 2022 Tech Update

Get more work done in your business with faster Wifi. Here are 5 quick ways to boost your WiFi speeds. Contact the Tech Doctor to see if we can assist with getting you back up to speed.

October 2022 Tech Update

Do you know the three most important things you should look for in a password manager for your business? The Tech Doctor offers password management so you can have peace of mind that your business and your information is secure from any threats.

September 2022 Tech Update

Hackers don't just target big businesses! 41% of small businesses have fallen victim to a hacker through their cloud server. Smaller businesses make for easier targets to these hackers, so make sure your data is safe on your server and contact The Tech Doctor for your free evaluation of your security.

August 2022 Tech Update

Have you ever looked at the downside to working from home? Providing proper network and device security wherever your employees work is a priority for the overall security of your company. Are you protected and providing proper tools to your employees? Let us audit your setup to see if we can save you money while keeping you and your employees protected!

July 2022 Tech Update

Microsoft Teams has a tendency to pop up when you are trying to concentrate on other things. Here is how to control when Teams opens up on your device, so you can remain free from distraction and interruption while at work.

June 2022 Tech Update

Windows 11 is testing a new privacy setting called "Privacy Auditing." This is much like your iPhone or Android settings where you can select what apps have access to your information.

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