Network Setup & Optimization

Kick Office Productivity Into High Gear!

Slow networks can cause your business’ productivity to drag when employees are constantly waiting for things to load or when devices and software are lagging. When The Tech Doctor shows up to evaluate your overall wireless network performance, utilization, and what you need for the future, we will optimize your network based on your needs and budget. Our team will create a hyper-productive mesh system that allows you and your employees to be effortlessly efficient across the whole office.

Our evaluations not only check for speed and connectivity at each station (desktop and/or laptop), they also let us know if we need to hardline for optimum efficiency and usage volume in the office. Once we have a plan in place, our tech team will construct a mesh network built to handle the volume of your connected devices. When we get you set up, you’ll maintain consistent and quality connections regardless of where you are in the office on any mobile device. In the same respect, users throughout the office using a stationary device, like a desktop, will also have the same quality connection no matter their distance from the main router. By evaluating your network and setting up a mesh system, your employees' productivity and office efficiency will significantly increase.

Optimization, and Evaluations, and Mesh Systems…OH MY!

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the technical jargon, DON’T! It’s really much more straightforward than it seems and our network setup experts will have your office up and running in no time!

Get set up today!