Onsite & Cloud Server Solutions

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Onsite backups, cloud backups, and the encryption option for both work to keep all of your data in one organized, easy to access place. This process virtualizes your filing cabinets and stuffy file rooms by storing and backing up your data electronically, giving you peace of mind and more office space!

Cloud-Based Backup

A backup of data and systems that are stored on a remote server.
  • Preferred method of backup for commercial businesses and organizations.
  • Backups are automated and can be customized to be daily, hourly, or even continuous with use.
  • Supports multiple users to cover and backup a variety of devices between company users.
  • Encrypts data in transit, reducing or eliminating the risk of unauthorized access. This ensures that data is HIPAA compliant and keeps important, private data safe.

Onsite Backups

A backup of data and systems to a local disc, drive, or server.
  • Convenient and inexpensive.
  • Back up your data manually and continually.  
  • Encrypted data management

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Clean up your office and never lose valuable data again with The Tech Doctor’s systematic backup process.

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